Cheryl D’Amato

Cheryl is an interdisciplinary artist and educator. Her painting and photography lean towards abstract, while her art for children is a more realistic, which she says has “a special place” in her heart. Cheryl is very much involved in the Greater Atlanta art community and for years has is deeply committed to supporting the work of mid-career and emerging artists.

Andrew Reach

Andrew Reach is a lifelong artist and architect with a deep appreciation of modernist art and design. Because of a devastating spinal disability his he forced to give up his architecture career which required daily site visits. This radical career direction did not stop his creative expression, and he used his background to launch a new career in digital art and new media.

Max Eternity

Max is an artist, writer and historian, whose artistic career has been heavily influenced by the Bauhaus and Black Mountain College. He also designs furniture, buildings and cars, and he’s also an animal lover with 2 pet chickens, named Ella and Chanel, and an Australian herd dog, named Flipper.

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